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Selected peaks of the plant with unique aromas named after the king of the gods Zeus

Hybrids: Acdc × Sour Tsounami × R2

CBD: 23% THC <0.2%


Flowers of exceptional quality from selected parts of the plant with fruity flavors. The sea breeze and the sun of Greece. Unique taste experience from the god Poseidon

Acdc × Harley Tsunami × C1 Cruze

CBD: 25% THC <0.2%


High quality flowers that evoke with their dynamic taste and incredible energy. Just like the name of the strain

Acdc × Sour Tsounami 2 × R1

CBD28% THC <0.2%

Athena the queen of gods comes to offer you the wisdom and clarity you need. She extends her hand to you full of flowers synonymous to her prestige. Excellent material for relaxation.

Sharlotte Web × Harley Queen × R1

CBD: 28% THC <0.2%


Flowers from a selection of the best plants. The Spartan warriors offer you their toughness, morale and courage. Unique experience for a journey among the strongest.

Critical Widow × R2

CBD: 25% THC <0.2%

Grinded material from mixture of top flowers. Net yield of plants full of shimmering crystals. The Greek sun takes care of its high quality and Medusa petrifies you

Mixture of all 5 strains Zeus-Poseidon-Hercules-Athena-Sparta

CBD: 24% THC <0.2%

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